Sunday, 12th May 2024, 7pm
Croatian National Theatre “Ivan pl. Zajc”
Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia


Sophocles: Oedipus

Director: Vito Taufer

Cast: Milan Marić, Nataša Ninković, Srđan Timarov, Bojan Dimitrijević, Aleksandar Đurica, Miloš Samolov, Nebojša Ljubišić, Zoran Cvijanović, Joakim Tasić, Marko Radojević, Milan Bobić, Luka Antonijević, Luka Sević, Veljko Stevanović

Text adaptation:Vesna Radovanović and Marko Manojlović
Dramaturge: Vesna Radovanović
Set designer: Lazar Bodroža
Costume designer: Marija Marković Milojev
Composers: Robert Pešut – Magnifico and Aleksander Pešut – Schatz!

Premiere: 17th September 2022
Running time: 95 minutes

“The audience was in for a surprise: Oedipus set in an inn. Not quite a typical Serbian inn, but certainly a Balkan inn, one where the language is somewhat inn-like. Watching a play in which a musical trio from the inn takes on the role of a choir… Let’s put it this way, this Oedipus successfully bridges the millennia, a feat made possible by every single member of the cast and the creative team.”
Bojana Radović, Večernji list

We are going through another crisis at the moment and fear how it will unfold. However, director Vito Taufer is not interested in cheap political finger-pointing at this or that current moment. His Oedipus reveals the mechanism that forces people in power to tear down their worlds and bring them into darkness in moments of crisis. Apparently, this principle hasn’t changed from antiquity to the present day. This is what Oedipus the King is about and why this Sophocles piece is so powerful.

(…) The drama of Oedipus is also the drama of our time, a drama that concerns every single of us, because it is through the fate of Oedipus that we survive the terrors of our world, seemingly different and yet so akin to the terrors the citizens of Athens once faced. (…) Everyone who contributed to making this play should take great pride in it, and we, the audience, should be thrilled that such a great and vital play took place in our city.

Marina Milivojević Madjarev, Vreme