The Belgrade trilogy

May, 10th 2001
Croatian House of Culture in Sušak
Jugoslav Dramma Theatre, Belgrade – Yugoslavia

Biljana Srbljanović: THE BELGRADE TRILOGY

Directed by: Goran Marković

Prague, Czech Republic:
Kića Jović: Dragan Jovanović
Mića Jović: Nikola Đuričko
Alena: Radica Radovanović
Sydney, Australia
Sanja: Anastasija Radojković
Miloš: Goran Šušljik
Kaća: Tamara Vučković
Dule: Bogdan Diklić
Los Angeles, USA
Jovan: Bojan Dimitrijević
Mara: Vanja Ejdus
Dača: Nebojša Milovanović
Ana Simovid: Ksenija Zelenović
Set Designer: Dušan Otašević
Costume Designer: Jelisaveta Tatić
Composer: Zoran Simjanović

Opening night: 19th 4 1997

The Belgrade trilogyIn 1994 the young playwright Biljana Srbljanović was awarded the Belgrade Academy of Dramatic Arts Prize and was the first to receive the then newly established “Slobodan Selenic” award for her play The Belgrade Trilogy. While skillfully and unobtrusively connecting three separate stories (taking place in Prague, Sidney, and Los Angeles), into an organic whole, Biljana Srbljanović explores the drama of young Serb intellectuals who were in 1997 expelled from their country by the Serbian regime of that time. Such an approach has helped the author create a convincing reflection of life on stage, of life rich in a variety of modalities of the same character type – that of the mentally shattered individual fleeing from his own self. On the other had, the director has shaped those cinematically digested and compressed stories into an enhanced, intriguing and at moments cathartic show.
Vladimir Stamenković in NIN

Through sharp and brave alternations of the comic with the lyric, the audience witnesses the shaping of a story about the nostalgia, resignation and helplessness of a sacrificed generation of young men and women from Belgrade who left their city and their country in the wartime years of the nineties.
Ivan Medenica
Those young Belgrade histrions act with a feeling deeply rooted in their generation and with skill and competence that amplify and enhance their theatrical excellence.
Miroslav Marković