May 5th, 8 p.m.
Croatian Cultural Centre Sušak
Studium Teatralne,
Warsaw, Poland

Adam Mickiewicz: MIDNIGHT

Adapted and Directed by: Piotr Borowski

Adapted from the novel Dziady Forefather’s Eve

The Studium Teatralne is the most interesting vanguard theatre group in Warsaw.
The spectacle -“Ponoć” (“Midnight”) is based on Adam Mickiewicz’ s drama “Dziady”.

Północ doesn’t attempt at giving a literal interpretation of the drama. We see it as a dream Mickiewicz has on his deathbed.

“Dziady” as a play has a long and important tradition in Poland, in spite of the fact that it doesn’t mean much to contemporary twenty-year olds. In “Dziady” they find what is relevant to their lives, a story about themselves, about their entering adulthood, about experimenting with love, religion and power.