Knives in Hens

May, 9th 2001
Croatian House of Culture in Sušak
Slovensko narodno gledališče, Ljubljana – Slovenia

David Harrower: KNIVES IN HENS

Directed by: Mateja Koležnik

Translated into Slovenian by : Tina Mahkota Redateljica

Young woman, labourers wife: Nataša Barbara Gračner
Pony William, plowman: Igor Samobor
Gilbert Horn, miller: Branko Šturbej
Dramaturge: Diana Koloini
Set Design: Jasna Vastl
Costumes: Alan Hranitelj
Music composed by: Darko Rundek

The young Scottish writer David Harrower belongs to the new wave of Scottish playwrights that have for the past five years created a number of world theatre hits previously staged in Edinburgh’s theatre “Traverse”, today’s nucleus of new dramatic writing.
Knives in Hens brings an unusual link of rural moufs, mirrored in a love triangle with a murder involved, with dramatic poetic language. Love between a labourer’s wife and a miller, in spite of the surroundings they live in, is not depicted in the least naturalistically which allows for the building of an unusually intimate atmosphere amidst the harsh environment of Scotland, which, of course, can apply to any village, anywhere.
Jasen Boko in Slobodna Dalmacija