May, 3rd  2001
Croatian House of Culture in Sušak
Croatian National Theatre, Split – Croatia

Elvis Bošnjak: FATHER

Directed by: Nenni Delmestre

Father: Josip Genda
Mrva: Milan Štrljić
Abel: Milivoj Beader
Florijan: Elvis Bošnjak
Set Designer: Vesna Režić
Costume Designer: Irena Sušac
Music: Lina Vengoechea
Light Designer: Zoran Mihanović
Sound Designer: Ivica Bilić

Premiered on December 8th 2000

A show that examines the current theme of crime and forgiveness
Following the story of a murder committed in an American prison where the perpetrator of an incestuous act and of double infanticide is serving his sentence and for the liquidation of whom a high reward has been offered, Bošnjak has knowingly and inventively created a tense and contemplative play by shifting the events to Croatia, where the question of crime and forgiveness is still an especially current one…
Nina Kuzmanić Svete in Republika

Elvis Bošnjak’s first staged drama demonstrates his admirable maturity as a playwright… As far as genre goes, it is a thriller-morality play, in practice a rare and seemingly impossible combination. The thriller serves the purpose of holding the audience’s attention, while simultaneously acting as the basis upon which the author builds deeper and more complex ideas of good and evil, of punishment and forgiveness, of sin and repentance…
Everything in this awarding production with good dramatic accents is subordinated to the acting of the four characters and their relationships, all credit has been given to the cast. All of the actors possess their individual, precisely defined and acted out characters which are presented seriously, with utter commitment and concentration and with no trace of exhibitionism whatsoever.
Jasen Boko in Slobodna Dalmacija