You Can’t Run Away From Sunday

May, 7 th 2001
Zagreb Youth Theatre, Zagreb –Croatia


Directed by: Tea Gjergjizi

Dramaturgist: Tena Štivičić
She: Anita Matić
He: Damir Orlić
Set Design –Costumes: Tea Gjergjizi and Tena Štivičić
Music: Luka Zima

Opening night, 17th 3 2001

Nemreš pobjeć od nedjeljeYou Can’t Run Away From Sunday is a p/ay with an intriguing plot in which ambience, the characters, their problems and dramatic time blend in unison. … Tena Štivičić, winner of the “Marin Držić” Annual Drama Script Award, in her play creates some kind of a new reality by repeating specific structural characteristics in which she incorporates fragments of the everyday life of her two characters – Him and Her…. Through use of unconventional dialogue and sound instinct, by which she evades stereotypes, Tena Štivičić, whose interests are primarily those of her own generation, creates an impressive and suggestive play, yet a p/ay unobtrusive and devoid of pathos.
Maja Gregl in her citation at the presentation of the “Marin Držić Award”
in the play, both characters, He and She, through confessional monologues backed by occasional intriguing dialogues, teli the story of their love, of their falling in love, and then show how they start getting on each other’s nerves… The audience follows two views of the same story and shared discontent due to the weakening of emotional ties and an insecure future lying ahead.
Tena Štivičić’s text is one of intriguing structure and charm, especially in dealing with a topic often neglected in our literature. It talks about the narcissistic love syndrome but also of the immensity of modern man’s boredom, of his rejection of everyday life, and of the non-existence of goals and strong stimuli that are capable of bringing back his dreams.
Dubravka Ostović in Vijenac