Five Kinds of Silence

May, 6th 2001
Croatian House of Culture in Sušak
HKD teatar, Rijeka – Croatia

Shelagh Stephenson: FIVE KINDS OF SILENCE

Translated and directed by: Lary Zappia

Billy: Nenad Šegvić
Mary: Edita Karađole
Janet: Sabina Salamon
Susan: Ana Kvrgić
Set Design: Dalibor Laginja
Costumes: Sartoria Teatrale San Benedetto del Tronto
Composer: Duško Rapotec Ute
Light Design: Deni Šesnić

Opening night: 28th 10 2000

Five kinds of silence“Acting itself, as a sort of sudden outburst from the ćore text, is really reduced to a complete documentary replay, and a minimalism of the gesture enables an immediate contact with the audience. That sort of contact exist between the actors them selves as well, a sort of interplay of silences and energies
Five Kinds of Silence is a sort of play that completely devastates the notion of illusionism in theatre. The play reduces illusionism to a raw, repressed picture of an unfinished reality that would never become a sort of everyday routine.
Tajana Gašparović, Vijenac
The given text is a bizarre provocation that requires an in-deph ability for scenic presentation, and also requires an enormous amount of psychological tools as the means for going both upward and downwards. It is here where Larry Zappia proved himself extremely capable and also ready for a small yet decisive moves that would leave no one empty-hearted, while some will be lead, perhaps, to the edge of an emotional outburst.
Anatolij Kudrjavcev, Slobodna Dalmacija