May, 3rd
Abandoned Factory Rade Končar
Croatian National Theatre, Split – Croatia

Filip Šovagović: BIRDS

Directed by: Paolo Magelli

Gypsy: Goran Navojec
Rade: Nikola Ivošević
Pljuga: Milivoj Beader
Žir: Milan Štrljić
Flekica: Trpimir Jurkić
Desa: Arijana Čulina
Zdenka: Bruna Bebić-Tudor
Piro: Elvis Bošnjak
Eva: Nives Ivanković
Ćirto: Milan Pleština
Prisoner: Mladen Barbarić
Dramatist: Željka Udovičić
Composer: Ljupčo Konstantinov
Ser Designer: Vesna Režić
Costime Designer: Leo Kulaš
Light Designer: Miroslav Mamić
Sound Designer: Ivica Bilić

Opening night: 26th 7 2000

In his audacious manuscript THE BRICK (presented by the same cast at this Festival in 1999), Filip Šovagović speaks of the destinies of war losers thrown onto the margins of a chaotic world in which they are forced to face their persona! misfortunes as well as overall historical calamities reflected in the images of their everyday lives.
Šovagović chooses a prison as a setting adequate fora theatrical questioning of reality, turning it into a metaphor of the world. The prison thus becomes a place that clearly reflects social traumas… a hangout for those who are predestined to lose both the private and collective games they play.
Dubravka Vrgoč in Vjesnik

Šovagovic’s script is hot. It emerges from our times and has been written for them. It is rich with associations, witty quips, contemporary political and existential pricks, and clever and humorous word games. Šovagović has written his little play with his eyes childishly wide open; he explores the world by placing his heart on thorns.

Dalibor Foretić in Novi list

“…. the director drives the nail home by forcing the actors to react strongly and with persistent energy and endurance, since the world they inhabit is devoid of tenderness. The prisoners that set up a band… are a diverse group of losers travelling from their persona! pasts towards other peoples’ futures with no chance of making their own choice.. The music in the show is much more than sheer illustration….This is a show by no means perfect, yet it’s a show that’s got balls, which is something we greatly lack in these humble times of ours.
Jasen Boko in Slobodna Dalmacija