Friday, May 5, 2023, 7:30 pm
Croatian House of Culture in Sušak
Atelje 212, Belgrade, Serbia

Nina Raine: Consent

Director: Nebojša Bradić

Bojan Žirović, Tamara Dragičević, Marko Grabež, Branislav Trifunović, Jovana Gavrilović, Jelena Stupljanin, Sofija Juričan

Set designer: Marija Jevtić
Costume designer: Marina Medenica
Composer: Zoran Erić

Striking, heartbreaking and at the same time wildly entertaining, Nina Raine’s Consent brings the ancient Greek goddess Nemesis into the modern capitalist world so that she can unwaveringly direct her righteous anger and punish the wrongdoers.

Written in a sharp and witty tone, this smart and multi-layered piece focuses on current issues emerging in close relationships of young people.

Why is justice blind? Is it always impartial? Are her horizons often limited? These are some of the questions posed by the award-winning English playwright Nina Raine’s new play Consent. Lawyers, who also happen to be close friends, take opposing sides in a rape case. The main witness is a female victim, whose life is only seemingly far removed from theirs. However, the turbulent dynamics and gloom of her life indiscernibly spill over the rivals’ lives and seep into all of their relationships, their destinies becoming closely intertwined and changing in the face of different versions of the truth.

Premiere: November 18, 2021

Running time: 2 hours and 20 minutes without intermission

Photo: Boško Đorđević