Six characters in search of an author

Six characters in search of an author

Croatian House of Culture in Sušak

Thursday 2. 5. 2019. at 19,30

The Kerempuh Satirical Theater,  Zagreb, Croatia


Director & adaptation: Oliver Frljić

Dramaturge: Nina Gojić
Set Designer: Igor Pauška
Costume Designer: Sandra Dekanić
Choise of Music: Oliver Frljić
Movement: Ana Kreitmeyer
Light Design: Vesna Kolarec
Sound Design Alen Sinkauz

Father:  Vilim Matula
Mother: Branka Trlin
Stepdaughter– Linda Begonja
Son and actor: Damir Poljičak
Boy: Roko Sikavica
Girl: Iva Šimić
Director: Jerko Marčić
Actor and moderator: Borko Perić
Madam Pace i Actress:  Csilla Barath Bastaić
Actors: Kim Končar, Karlo Mlinar, Ozren Opačić, Filip Sertić, Matija Šakoronja
Visual communication design: Damir Gamulin
Photo: Ines Stipetić

Opening night: 19th January 2018.
Duration: 1 hour and 30 min

…it’s a performance that balances not only the dark Pirandellian humour and the playfulness of satirical grotesque (burlesque, even), but also a philosophically devised tragedy of resistance to our seeming turbofolk Destiny. There is no doubt that one part of the audience will be scandalized, but the scandal is not what revs up Frljić’s stage engine. Quite the opposite: the scandal here is ridiculed as cheap demagoguery of the Croatian everyday life. Instead, the whole ensemble demands taking a serious and analytical stand on the perception of social crime. Speaking of loyalty to Pirandello, I have yet to see a theatrical interpretation that is more Pirandellian than this one.

Nataša Govedić, Novi list