Right you are, if you think so

Right you are, if you think so

Friday 4. 5. 2018 at 19:30
Croatian House of Culture in Sušak
The Yugoslav Drama Theatre in Belgrade, Serbia



Directing, Adaptation, Set Design and Choise of Music: Jagoš Marković

Costume Designer: Bojana Nikitović
Light Design: Bojan Draganov

Lamberto Laudisi:    PREDRAG EJDUS
Mrs. Frola :                JELISAVETA SABLIĆ
Mr. Ponza:                 MARKO JANKETIĆ
Mrs.Ponza:                NEVENA RISTIĆ
Counsellor Agazzi:        BRANISLAV LEČIĆ
Mrs. Amalia             JASMINA AVRAMOVIĆ
Dino, their son:      LAZAR ĐUKIĆ
Mrs. Sirelli:             VESNA STANKOVIĆ
Mr. Sirelli:              NENAD JEZDIĆ
Mayor:                    IRFAN MANSUR
Mrs. Cini:              RADA ĐURIČIN
Agazzi’s valet:       SLOBODAN TEŠIĆ

Opening Night: 4th June 2017
Duration: 1 hour 30 min (no pause)

An exceptional play composed of interlaced levels of meaning, masterful acting, an inspirational cast and wonderful set and costume designs.
M.T. Nježić, Blic

For the theatre seeks not only to discover factual truth, but also its essence. In the Yugoslav Drama Theatre’s play, this task is completed to perfection thanks to an inspired and unique cast and the clear, precise direction rich in solutions and associations, directly pondering the present and the moment we live in.

Boban Jevtić, NIN

L. Pirandello’s and J. Marković’s theatricality combine well in the latest play by JDP. Marković remained faithful to Pirandello’s socio-philosophical theatre and created a compact group of unhappy characters.

The end of the play brings the disquieting discovery of the unknowability of truth symbolised by the gripping disappearance of the green backdrop, taking with it all illusions of any exuberance of life, fertility, peace and stability, all of which are usually associated with a bright green colour. What is left is the gloomy grey of an empty stage, a reflection of the desert that is life, Pirandello’s pessimistic vision of the world.
Photo: Nenad Petrović