In Agony

In Agony

Monday 7. 5. 2018 at 19:30

Beo art 2015, Belgrade, Serbia

Miroslav Krleža: IN AGONY

Adaptation and direction: Ana Đorđević

Set:     Mia David
Costume Designer: Adrijana Pajić

Laura Lenbach:                MARIJA VICKOVIĆ
Ivan Križovec:                  RADOVAN VUJOVIĆ
Narrator/ Inspector:       BRANKO CVEJIĆ

Opening Night: 30th December 2016
Duration: 80 min

… the baroness Lenbach and her unreliable dear adviser and lover Križovec (Marija Vicković and Radovan Vujović) solve their issues in a way that inevitably leads to the typical krležian ending where all the dirt of the provincial-bourgeois hypocrisy ultimately blows up in everyone’s faces: no one is innocent, and no one is spared… The director drastically changes the ending (…), making Lenbach kill not only herself but also Križovec, which in the given context isn’t such a shame, but still… Both are surprisingly good and on point (…) and are brilliantly supported by Branko Cvejić as the master of the parade. A refreshing addition to the repertoire that is yet to grace local stages, hopefully not for a short period of time…

Teofil Pančić,Vreme
Photo: Nenad Petrović