Crawfish Cry

Crawfish Cry

Thursday 10. 5. 2018 at 19:30
Croatian House of Culture in Sušak
Teatre Vahtangov, Moscow, Russia

D. Marell:      CRAWFISH CRY

Director: Mikhail Tsitrinyak

Set designer: Mariya Rybasova
Costume Designer: Victoria Sevryukova
Music: Boris Kiner, Aleksandr Prokopovich
Interpretation of the play: Mariya Zonin

Sarah Bernhardt:       YULIA RUTBERG
Pythoud:                     ANDREY ILYIN



‘The success of the play is greatly due to the fact that Sarah Bernhardt is portrayed by the charismatic Rutberg, known for her deep voice. An actress born to play such a tragic, pompous and symbolic character. Her Sarah Bernhardt is the prototype of every actor’s destiny.’
Natalija Vitvickaja,

The nuanced intonations, movements and looks of the magical acting duo Rutberg-Iljin pervade the silences in this theatrical piece so much that even without a single word spoken, the trusting and loving relationship between these two lonely people is tangible, and although they live in the past, they appear to reflect our present: ‘People hurry and know too much, yet our world is big and full of mysteries.’
Ana Balujeva, Komsomolskaya Pravda