The children

Tuesday, 7th May, 7:30pm
Croatian House of Culture in Sušak
Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana, Slovenia

Lucy Kirkwood: The children

Director: Nina Šorak

Cast: Saša Pavček, Silva Čušin, Janez Škof
Dramaturge: Blaž Lukan
Set designer: Branko Hojnik
Costume designer: Tina Pavlović

Premiere: 23rd September 2022
Duration: 100 minutes

Lucy Kirkwood’s play The Children is a relentless inquiry of moral and ethical dilemmas typically occurring in times of crises and catastrophes. We were faced with a similar question during the recent COVID threat: Do we protect the elderly and the vulnerable at the expense of the education, career and economic stability of the young? Which is more valuable: the lives and contributions to the society of those who now deserve the dignity and peace of an old age? Or is it that the prosperity of the youth, about to fulfil their goals and aspirations, that is worth more?

A similar question will be posed in the looming catastrophe brought about by global warming. What kind of life-saving policy do we adopt then? Will everyone stick to their piece of land again and mind their own business? Or will we be able to look at our community, our global community, as we all inhabit the same planet? Is an individual, driven by their survival instinct, even capable of seeing the needs of the many?

The most important questions of all is this: Which life do we value more? Just by asking myself that question out loud, I find myself on a slippery slope. It shouldn’t even be posed these days – it is crystal clear that all human life has equal value. Unfortunately, the times of crisis bring us to this point. That is why I feel it is absolutely necessary not to draw conclusions with The Children, but rather – to ask questions.
Nina Šorak