The last little girls

Croatian House of Culture in Sušak
Sunday, May 7, 2023, 7:30 pm
Theater Deszö Kosztolányi, Subotica, Serbia

Maja Pelević: The last little girls

Director: Kokan Mladenović

David Buboš, Timea Filep, Nikoleta Grgić, Boris Kučov, Adam Ađaš, Andrea Verebeš

Playwright: Maja Pelević
Set designer: Marija Kalabić
Costume designer: Selena Orb
Choreographer: Timea Filep
Music: Irena Popović Dragović
Musicians: Arpad Serda, Mate Abraham

These days, perhaps more than ever, we find ourselves living in a system that has managed to absorb all aspects of human existence – behaviour, emotions, desires, loves and hopes – and make a profit out of them. In the grand scheme of things, it is no wonder that we are witnessing a new level of commodification – the process of turning objects and skills into goods on the market – of all areas of human life, even birth itself. The joys of possession extend even over the deepest biological and the most emotional spheres – the motherhood. The very thing that has always defined a woman and that has always been expected of her. Even today, a woman is not seen as valuable unless she has gained that social recognition by becoming a mother. A woman who does not have a child is often considered worthless; therefore she is ready to do anything to fulfil that role. And that’s an ideal starting point for turning this primordial desire into a commodity. Children become a resource like any other, a thing you can own. This story begins at a point where the womb becomes a factory and the child a perfectly packaged luxury product.

Premiere: December 29, 2021
Running time: 1 hour and 20 minutes
Photo: Edvard Molnar