My son only walks a little slower

Croatian House of Culture in Sušak
Tuesday, May 9, 2023, 7:30 pm
Sarajevo War Theatre (SARTR), Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ivor Martinić: My son only walks a little slower

Director: Ivan Plazibat

Snežana Bogićević, Jasna Diklić, Mirela Lambić, Sead Pandur, Jasenko Pašić, Adnan Kreso, Džana Džanić, Matea Mavrak, Enes Kozličić.

Playwright: Nejra Babić
Set design: Vedran Hrustanović
Costume design: Lejla Hodžić
Stage movement: Amila Terzimehić
Music: Basheskia & Edward EQ
Light design:Nedim Pejdah

The play follows a day in the life of Mrs Mia’s family. Mrs Mia is throwing a party for her son’s twenty-fifth birthday where she will make a cake, the dad will buy a gift, both grandma and the daughter will help her, the aunt and the uncle will come too, and the son will be the happiest person in the room. Afterwards, he will celebrate his twenty-fifth with his friends, the way he wants it. The dad will hug the mum and everyone will fall asleep peacefully. The mum will dream that the party was a success and that her son walks. But we do not get to see that dream. Branko doesn’t walk and he never will, and that’s the way it is. Pretty simple. And the problem, of course, is not that he doesn’t walk, but the emotional acceptance of the fact. Within those stage walls of the flat life happens, the very one that we most often get to experience. Not all families are happy. Not all families are unhappy. They are both happy and unhappy. And in this effort to turn life into something beautiful, with the circumstances as they are, we watch the characters that we fall in love with very quickly, precisely because they are so familiar and true to us.

Nejra Babić, playwright

December 8, 2022
Running time_ 1 hour 40 minute