Lear, an acting essay

Thursday, May 4 2023, 7:30 pm
Croatian House of Culture in Sušak
Teatr Stary, Lublin, Poland


Shakespeare: Lear, an acting essay

Director: Janusz Oprynski

Cast:  Andrzej Seweryn
Stage and costume design: Justyna Łagowska

Lear, until recently the king, is left all alone in the world. Turned into a wanderer, he becomes a newly disenfranchised and marginal individual. An acting essay performed by one of the world’s most renowned Polish actors, Andrzej Seweryn, tells the story of an old, forsaken man. In the void of the post-apocalyptic world, Lear no longer has the right to be a father either. The dark remnants that surround him allow the voices of his loved ones, his daughters, only to emerge from the waste bins. The play directed by Janusz Opryński, whom Rijeka audience remembers from the Gombrowicz’s award-winning play Ferdydurka in 2000, in a way suggests the end of the world of normalcy that we once knew.

Premiere: October 20, 2022
Running Time: 65 minutes
Photo: Wojciech Nieśpiałowski
This production has been made possible under the patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Zagreb.