55 Square Metres

Croatian House of Culture in Sušak
Saturday, May 6 2023, 7:30 pm
Croatian National Theatre Split


Ivana Vuković: 55 Square Metres

Director: Ivan Plazibat

Goran Marković, Arijana Čulina, Ana Marija Veselčić, Roko Sikavica, Snjezana Sinovčić Šiškov, Nikola Ivošević

Set designer: Tea Truta
Costume designer: Petra Pavičić
Composer: Damir Šimunovićv
Video camera operator: Andrija Jurčević

55 Square Metres, a text inspired by everyday life and the column of Jurica Pavičić, follows in a slice-of-life manner a contemporary family from Split during the summer months. Kicked out of the flat they rent for the summer, Lena and Tino decide to move in with Lena’s parents, a younger brother and a grandmother and live together in a 55-square-metre flat. In addition to the influx of tourists, summer life in a small space is made even more impossible thanks to the non-potable water, a fire that came dangerously close to the city, and the stench of the garbage dump that spreads throughout the streets, especially when the notorious south wind starts to blow, metaphorically pointing out the city’s attitude towards its citizens. The play critically examines the inherited patterns of multigenerational coexistence and the mechanisms of Mediterranean society, whose social policies are so much burdened by the capital, that they are becoming increasingly unfavourable for both the individual and the family.

The play was awarded the Croatian Actor Award for 2022 for best direction, best text and best supporting role (Arijana Čulina).

Premiere: March 26, 2022
Running time: 1 hour and 40 minutes without intermission
Photo: Matko Biljak