Thursday, May 5 2022  18:00pm
Thursday, May 5 2022  20:00pm (non-competitive performance)
PlayDrama, Split and Zagreb Youth Theatre, Zagreb, Croatia

Olja Lozica: Breathing

Director: Olja Lozica

Petra Kovačić Botić
Petra Svrtan
Matko Botić

Dramaturge: Olja Lozica and Matko Botić
Composer: Matko Botić
Lightning Design: Aleksandar Čavlek
Costume adviser: Marta Žegura

Opening night: Split, November 3 2021
Zagreb,  November 21 2021
Performance duration: 1hour 20 min

Photo: Tom Dubravec

Great acting takes centre stage in this warm-hearted drama, where the emotional build-up is created by movement and repetitiveness of key sentences. And in addition to accepting loss, I would say that Breathing is an ode to Love as well; a Love that is merciful and forgiving, always ready to lend a helping hand and always present, no matter what obstacles and challenges life throws our way.

Katarina Kolega, Kazališ