Theatrical poster

Predrag Spasojević Giselle

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Predrag Spasojević: Theatrical poster

“Spasojevic achieves one of the most memorable and complete collections of rijeka’s theatrical posters, more convincingly than with the number of printed posters. And the majority of his works were created in only two theatrical seasons ( Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajce in Rijeka)…”
Spasojevic is able to use various “dangerous” decorative elements, borders and lace, graceful female characters, sleek draperies, unusually minucitive details and kitsch elements. It can be left to extreme sentimentality, as well as extreme grotesque. In his works there is always a certain artistic layering and graphic expression that was not found in Rijeka’s theatrical posters before Spasojevic. In fact, in its solutions he knows the distinctly “seamless” to merge and melt into the artistic unity of completely different elements, surface and voluminous parts, collage with drawing and technical, printing effects, which he achieves with superior knowledge of the graphic possibilities of sith and offset.”
Ervin Dubrović
(from the monograph “Rijeka Theatre Poster 1833-1996″)”