How’s Life?

Croatian House of Culture in Sušak, Kortil gallery – 8.5. at 19:30 h
The Moruzgva Theatre, Zagreb

Nina Mitrović: HOW’S LIFE?

Director: Ivan Leo Lemo

Dramaturge: Nina Mitrović
Set design: Vesna Režić
Costume design: Mirjana Zagorec
Music: Willem Miličević
Light design: Elvis Butković

Cast: Biserka Ipša, Siniša Popović, Vinko Kraljević, Ana Begić/Ecija Ojdanić

“How’s Life?” takes place in a nursing home. A place where either our beloved ones decide to put us, or we decide that on our own, once we reach the so-called third age. This is when the course of the meandering river which is life can meet its estuary at any moment, lurking behind every corner. It is here that the last waterfalls and lakes await, in our riverbed made by the magnificent law of gravity. And it is by no means a depressive course, quite the opposite. There is love and love-making, there are fights and peace-making – and let’s not forget the partying! And there is life. Intricate details of such life illustrated by this great drama by Nina Mitrović will stir up a cathartic cocktail of laughter and tears. The laughter is priceless, really, as it overcomes fear of this infamous lodging for the elderly. The tears are useful, too. They drench the withering fields of our inhibitions. You’ll laugh until you cry and cry until you laugh. It will make you think of your parents and your children and yourselves and your role in the life events.

Champions of the Croatian theatre Biserka Ipša, Siniša Popović, Vinko Kraljević and Ana Begić, in alternation with Ecija Ojdanić, directed by Ivan Leo Lemo and produced by the Moruzgva Theatre, answer the question ‘How’s life?’. And the answer is not a diagnosis, but a medicine with clear instructions on precautions and contraindications.
Ivan Leo Lemo, From the play programme