Waiting for bread

May, 10th, 6,00 pm
Novi Grad, Railway passing
Theatre DASKA, Sisak – Croatia


Cast: Nebojša Borojević, Damir Borojević, Jasmin Novljaković, Vili Matula
Text: Jasmin Novljaković & Nebojša Borojević
Stage Designer: Damir Borojević

Opening night: 24th l0 1999.

Waiting for bread“The name of Jan Osterman, obviously feigning that of the author of this ‘dystopic opera in one act’, is probably a collective pseudonym for its interpreters…
They appear on stage as a group of famished actors… having just come out of Stoppard’s comedy Rosenkrantz and Guilderstern are Dead… and they kill their time as well as that of the audience by narrating fairytales. All this is scenically supported by the excellently mimed melancholy gaiety of folk entertainers who from time to time even drag the audience into their show. This performance is a pearl within the specific repertoire of scenic poetics cultivated by The Daska Theatre. From such a poetics emerge the gaiety and bitterness, the childish capriciousness and lucid turning-points that its audiences have for so long a time rejoiced in.
Dalibor Foretić, Novi list

“Waiting for Bread, with a Beckettian echo in the title, has been inspired by the dark despair of a Godot as much as by fairytales such as The Snow Queen and The Tin Soldier“
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian