Marlene Dietrich

May, 8th, 8,00 pm
Croatian House of Culture in Sušak – Atrium
Croatian National Theatre Split – Croatia

Ana Tonković-Dolenčić – Ivan Leo Lemo – V.Broz: MARLENE DIETRICH

Directed by: Ivan Leo Lemo

Actor: Ksenija Prohaska

Marlene Dietrich“… this is a mono-drama based on facts dealing with the life of the glamorous film star Marlene Dietrich, who has masterfully reigned the stage and then drifted into legend. By applying ultimate minimalism, the authors have tried to expose Dietrich’s fate both as a private and public figure, simultaneously sketching the historical and social events of her time… In a magical atmosphere, Ksenija Prohaska has given a cabaret performance of highest quality, which might, from the older spectators draw forth tides of nostalgia, leaving the younger ones fascinated by its exoticism.
Anatolij Kudrjavcev, Slobodna Dalmacija