May, 4th, 7,00 pm
Croatian House of Culture in Sušak
Primorsko dramsko gledališče Nova Gorica, Slovenia

William Shakespeare “HAMLET”/The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Directed by: Vito Taufer

Hamlet, Fortinbras: Radoš Bolčina
Gertrude: Ljerka Belak k.g.
Claudius, Hamlet’s father ghost: Ivo Barišič
Ophelia: Helena Peršuh
Laertes: Rastko Krošl
Polonius, Osric: Boris Mihalj
Horatio, 1. actor: Tadej Toš
Marcellus; Rosencrantz; Clown; Grave digger: Iztok Mlakar
Bernardo; Guildenstern; second grave digger Francisco; Voltimand; Courtier; Rinaldo, 2. actor; Officer; Priest: Gorazd Jakomini
Soldiers: Jure Modic and Bogdan Repič
Set Designer: Vito Taufer
Costume designers: Vito Taufer & Tanja Zorn Grželj
Music: Igor Leonardi
Computer animations: Samo Lapajne
Light Designer: Samo Oblokar

Opening night: 24th 02 2000

  • after The Bible, Hamlet is the most frequently published literary work, translated into most languages of the world and most frequently discussed and quoted. Its universal usage has for four centuries inspired playwrights, poets, philosophers and “ordinary” people;
  • Hamlet is alive in the consciousness of those who have never read or watched the play;
  • encyclopaedias designate him as the “legendary Danish prince“ and thus remind us that he was not a real, historical person -apparently this is necessary;
  • like Mona Lisa, Hamlet has always been attracting new generations who recognize it as a reflection of their own time and society;
  • etc, etc., etc
  • …a tragedy about eternal human questions of which it is difficult to say anything more but still it has even so much more to say
    From the program booklet.

Hamlet“Thus Bolčina’s (and, by ali means Taufer’s) Hamlet depicts and proves the legitimacy of a paradoxical turning point which, I believe, lies in the deepest layer of the interpretation of Shakespeare’s idea: “illness” (melancholy) becomes the nucleus of spiritual health, while “health” (aggressiveness) turns into an evil disease that erodes and finally destroys the soda! tissue of the human community…

Three key elements mould the show into a harmonious and precisely conceived theatrical experience: the acting, the music and the Computer animation of the stage.”
Darko Gašparović, Hrvatsko slovo.