May, 11th, 6,00 pm
Croatian House of Culture in Sušak
Teatar na Taganki, Moscow– Russia

William Shakespeare: CHRONICLES

Directed by: Jurij Ljubimov

Cast: Feliks Antipov, Timur Badalbejli, Aleksandr Lirčikov, Vladislav Malenko, Dmitrij Meževič, Dmitrij Muljar, Igor Pehovič, Sergej Podkolzin, Sergej Savčenko, Viktor Semenov, Timur Savin, Sergej Trifonov, Aleksandr Trofimov, Aleksandr Fursenko, Lev Štejnrajh, Vsevolod Sobolev, Viktor Šuuakovskij, Aleksandr Suetin, Anastasija Kolpikova, Julija Kuvarzina, Larisa Maslova, Marina Policejmako, Margarita Radcig, Ekaterina Rjabušinskaja, Alla Smirdan, Tatjana Sokolinskaja, Julija Ermačenkova

ChroniclesTwo Richards, The Second and The Third, and two Henrys, The Fourth and The Sixth, are the themes of Shakespeare’s historical chronicles dealing with Britain’s darkest past, the one dominated by wars. Yurij Lubimov, the legend of European theatre, has chosen precisely these plays and their protagonists, intentionally marginalising other kings of Shakespeare’s plays, in order to create a spectacular phantasmagoric scenic vision he calls The Chronicles. In these chronicles, blood-drenched history has its grotesque and farcical moments; in it fools, jesters and clowns sometimes play as important a role as that usually reserved for kings.
Jasen Boko

Yuri Lubimov, one of the outstanding Russian and World theatrical director, was born in 1917. In 1964. he created the Moscow Taganka Theatre which started new era in Russian theatrical art, uniting in its productions traditions of Tanislavsky Vakhtangov, Meyerhold and Brecht. Y. Lubimov staged in the ‘ Taganka Theatre more than 40 performances, based on Russian and World famous literature. He is also famous in the World as a dissident director, getting a good experience of struggle for their theatrical views. In 1984 he was exiled from USSR with depriving him of the Soviet citizenship. Since then Lubimov staged more man 40 dramma end opera productions in the West. The recent dramatic premieres of Mr. Lubimov are “The Cherry Orchard” by Chekhov. “Elektra” by Sophocles, “Doktor Zhivago” By Pasternak, “Brothers Karamazov” by Dostoyevsky shows that 82-years old Master is still one of the most world popular directors