Cain and Abel

May, 6th, 6,00 pm
Novi Grad, Željeznički prolaz
City Youth Theatre, Split – Croatia

Trpimir Jurkić: CAIN AND ABEL

Directed by: Želimir Orešković

Cast: Josip Genda, Filip Radoš
Voice: Vladimir Davidović
Set and Costume Designer: Marin Gozze
Music: Nenad Šiškov

Opening night: 4th 03  2000

Cain and AbelTrpimir Jurkić’s text “CAIN AND ABEL” is a small philosophical Beckettian etude contemplating questions such as: Does humanity uvrite it own history or is its history preordained? Although its basic concept deals with a biblical event, the writer also reflects upon contemporary dilemmas, those concerning religion and scepticism.”
Želimir Orešković, From the programme booklet.

“Jurkić’s adventure in the field of drama results from his extensive knowledge of such literature which unites the reflective with the scenic… The crucial theatrical task achieved in the performance is that of Želimir Orešković’s successful directing…, while the acting, compactly and convincingly, even attractively, conveys an expressiveness reaching mythological spheres. It would be encouraging if this performance could serve as an invitation for relinquishing the banality of the present.”
Anatolij Kudrjavcev, Slobodna Dalmacija