Alma Mahler

May,  3rd, 9 pm
Teatar &TD Zagreb

Maja Gregl & Ivica Boban: “ALMA MAHLER”

Directed by: Ivica Boban

Alma Prica: Alma Mahler
Božidar Boban: Emil Schindler – Alma’s father, Gustav Mahler, Max Burckhard, Franz Werfel
Ivana Boban: Anna MOLL – Alma’s mother, Anna Mahler –Alma’s daughter
Mladen Vulić : Gustav Klimt, Alexander von Zemlinsky, Walter Gropius, Oskar Kokoschka, Stefan Zweig
Duško Zubali – piano player
Set Designer: Goran Petercol
Costume Designer: Doris Kristić
Music: Vesna Šir
Songs: Duško Zubalj
Light Design: Deni Šesnić
Coreographer: Ivica Boban

Opening night: 14th 04 1999

Alma MahlerThe text of the play “Loves of Alma Mahler”, by Maja Gregl, won the annual “Marin Držić” Prize awarded by the Croatian Ministry of Culture.

“Maja Cregl’s text was an incentive for embarking on a trip for the search of authentic documents from the times of Alma and Gustav Mahler, Walter Gropius,, Oskar Kokoschka, Franz Werfel, Stefan Zweig and their contemporaries. Their discourse and their testimonies, recorded in their diaries, letters, autobiographies as wll as in their works, served as a starting point from which the actors and I built the language, the speech and finally the text of the play.”
Ivica Boban, From the program booklet

-The mistress of the stage and of all action on it, was undoubtedly the directress Ivica Boban who made every element of the two-hour performance coherent by subordinating the fragmentarily moulded characters and their biographies to the leading female role and the carrier of tne’de3 °’ the play, the long-necked swan among Croatian actresses, Alma Priča. If nomen can truthfully be omen, then due to her mature acting experience, Alma Priča could not be evaded as the scenic substrate of Alma Mahler… Through her interpretation she emerges not only as a frustrated fighter for women‘s rights, but above ali as an unhappy, lonely woman who, consciously, in an artistically egoistic manner, builds an aesthetically interesting scenic, musical, literary and visual biography by offering her femininity to the phallus bearing geniuses, the male artists for the šake of their transposing it in their masterpieces.