Friday, 10th May 2024. 7:30pm
Croatian House of Culture in Sušak
Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb


Đurđica Čilić: Fafarikul

Director: Ivan Planinić

Cast: Daria Lorenzi Flatz, Živko Anočić, Vlasta Ramljak, Franjo Kuhar
Text adaptation: Ivan Planinić and Mirna Rustemović
Dramaturge: Mirna Rustemović
Set & lighting designer: Ivan Lušičić Liik
Costume designer: Ana Fucijaš
Composer: Nikša Marinović
Stage movement & director’s assistant: Maja Marjančić
Sound designer: Luka Gamulin

Premiere: 18th February 2024
Running time: 65 minutes

Based on the story collections Fafarikul and A New Ending by Đurđica Čilić.

The original texts of the play Fafarikul are two books by the author and translator Đurđica Čilić: Fafarikul and A New Ending. These fragmented collections of short stories mix memories with beginnings and endings of a life. Fafarikul is a collection of reminiscences from childhood to adulthood, recalls of all those things that make up someone’s life, but we still manage to recognize them as our own, even when they don’t directly affect us. Fafarikul is also a collection of detours that lead us to the right path while we wander. Detours that may seem insignificant at first, but remain forever etched in our memories. The play manages to transform the loose textual template into a linear story narrated by four inner voices. Such a blend of stories outlines the points where geographical, cultural and identity layers of the original text meet.